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Helping to navigate the opportunities and challenges

I help organisations to help themselves by:

  • Working through specific opportunities and difficulties using a creative cycle. (Very simply…. to clearly understand  the situation, consider possible ways forward and support ongoing change.)
  • Looking at their fundamentals – determining their health and identifying ways to develop them in an integrated way.

For example, it is important that those in an organisation see themselves as a network of relationships both inside and out.  This emphasizes the interdependence, flexibility and trust that are necessary to maintain a healthy, creative community.

My approach combines extensive experience in business/organisations, learning from living systems (increasing capacity to cope with rapidly changing organisations and marketplaces), an understanding of the essential nature of trust with and within organisations, and the awareness of creative cycles and transitional processes.

While it is important to address any quick wins it is equally important that any solutions are sustainable long term. Using ongoing cycles of creativity supports this while ensuring pragmatism and sustainability.