I am, or have been, involved with a number of different initiatives that coincide with my interest in working with organisations:

  • Thriving in constant change – helping organisations to thrive in our fast-changing, complex and interdependent world.  Working with senior management teams, government departments, small businesses and charities, and other types of organisations such as laboratories.  This work has included strategic realignments, restructuring, organisational learning, team and department development, system and process improvements, and key relationship management.  Living Teams
  • A better way of governing – this includes helping organisations satisfy/support all their various interested parties and stakeholders (eg. employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, the environment) while ensuring long term sustainable health.  Working in Trust
  • Organisational learning – assisting organisations to learn and adapt more effectively in our fast-changing, uncertain, complex, interdependent world.  Society for Organisational Learning – UK (SoL-UK)
  • A focus on human relations -working with the person, the systems and the interactions between them in a Whole Person Learning approach.  This peer-based, collaborative approach develops and inspires responsible practice and leadership across all sectors, equipping people and organisations with the skills, strategies and attitudes they need to flourish.  The Oasis School of Human Relations