Chihuly - pondIn the COMMERCIAL SECTOR I have 25 years of international experience in management and senior management (large corporates and SMEs).  The majority of my time was spent in Sales & Marketing (customer development and B2B marketing), Systems (business systems design, implementation and management), and Operations (and project management). 

In the NON PROFIT SECTOR I worked for 3 years as the Director of a small UK charity providing support overseas.  I reported directly to the Board and was responsible for the overall management (general management), fund raising and volunteer management. I’m also working as a part-time Director with Working in Trust.  This work is focused on developing the essential nature of trust with, and within, organisations.

As an international COACH & FACILITATOR I have worked for over 9 years supporting individuals, teams, departments and organisations. I am focused on helping people to help themselves – working with real life business and organisational opportunities and challenges.  It is not about the theory but what is happening right now.

Some examples of the work completed:

  • Supporting a charity’s development (consolidating a charity’s success then developing and implementing a new way forward) – See Case Study:  Charity
  •  Supporting Organisational Improvement (working with a Research Laboratory to improve their processes and increase research output and reporting) – See Case Study: Laboratory
  • Working with company founders (helping a company shift from a very successful ‘startup’ to ongoing ‘sustainability’) – See Case Study: Management Team
  • Re-establishing department’s focus (local government where many of the staff were contractors)
  • Improving customer service  (technology company that needed to understand the service they offered and the customer’s experience/journey)
  • Supporting senior management (shipping company needed to identify new revenue streams beyond the traditional sources)
  • Bringing staff together (helping staff from different departments and locations to work more effectively together)
  •  Providing CEO support (supporting CEO in the realignment of the organisation as it shifted the focus of its operations)