How often in our work and organisations do we crave challenges that are more straight forward, easier to understand and don’t need to be sorted out yesterday.  Unfortunately, it seldom works that way (if it ever did!).

The challenges

1.  The increasing speed and complexity of the workplace, and the growing number of unsolvable dilemmas and paradoxes, is putting significant pressure on the ability of individuals and organisations to be effective, adaptable and responsive.

2.  What constitutes a team or organisation is also changing. The team is no longer constrained by the need for members to be geographically close, ‘belonging’ to one organisation, restricted in numbers, or have an ongoing presence.

3.  Our current assumption that we can build people into a team or organisation, and then control them as we would a machine, is not working.  It is not working for the people involved, as they are feeling alienated, disengaged and have lost the pleasure of being part of something they believed in and took responsibility for. It’s not working for the organisation or team because it cannot respond quickly to change, co-exist easily with its marketplace and environment, or remain effective in achieving its core objectives.

A way forward

There are no easy answers to these ‘messy’ challenges.  However, you can help yourself and your organisation thrive in our fast-changing, complex and interdependent work environments by:

  • Utilising the know-how found in your organisation
  • Learning from living systems (increasing capacity to cope with rapidly changing organisations and marketplaces)
  • Understanding the essential nature of trust with and within organisations
  • Enhancing awareness of creative cycles and transitional processes

I can help you develop a healthy and rewarding place to work – focusing on improving your purpose, relationships, resilience and renewal while working with and within your organisation.